What are PayPal Rewards?

What are PayPal Rewards?

PayPal Rewards is our free rewards program that lets you earn PayPal Rewards points towards cash back (for US) or store gift cards on your eligible purchases. When you shop at participating stores with the Honey browser extension, you can get a chance to earn points on your purchase. 

PayPal Rewards points are rewarded on the subtotal of eligible items and do not include tax or any additional fees such as shipping. 

Just so you know, PayPal Rewards points aren't offered on every store that has Honey support. If points are offered on a shopping site, you'll see it listed in the browser extension:

To enable PayPal Rewards for a store, click the Activate Rewards button. 

At checkout, click Apply Coupons when Honey appears and PayPal Rewards will automatically activate. 

Honey will then automatically apply the best coupon we find to your order, giving you a chance to earn rewards and save money at the same time. We call that a win-win.

PayPal Rewards transactions post as pending on your Activity page within 2-14 days of completing your eligible purchase, although this may vary in some instances depending on the purchase and retailer. You can learn more about pending points here.

You can now also earn points using your PayPal Debit Card. PayPal Debit Card Rewards are cash back offers that you can activate and earn on while using your PayPal Debit Card. If you have any specific questions about your PayPal Debit Card Rewards, we ask that you please reach out to PayPal’s customer support team here

What about exclusions?

PayPal Rewards points are only available for eligible items. After you’ve enabled PayPal Rewards for a store, check the exclusions list by clicking on the "eligible" link for more information on exclusions that may apply for that merchant.

Exclusions are determined by the merchant and vary by store. If there are no eligible items in your order, you will not earn any points on that purchase. We won’t be able to determine if the items you’ve purchased are eligible until after you make your purchase.

Note: Using another rewards program will likely interfere with Honey. We recommend disabling any other rewards programs and ad blockers, so you don’t miss a chance to earn points on eligible purchases.

What is an Exclusive Offer and how do I get one?

Simply put, it’s a chance to get extra PayPal Rewards points on items you love, which may rarely go on sale. We call these Exclusive Offers. When you’re shopping with our browser extension, Exclusive Offers pop-up on an item’s display page whenever they’re available. 

Click Apply Offer to qualify for the Offer points amount featured (it’s a lot more than normal). Offers are time-sensitive, so act fast!

You can view your Exclusive Offer points on your Activity page. Keep in mind, your points for Exclusive Offers will typically be marked as pending for 7 days while the merchant confirms your order. However, in some cases, Exclusive Offers may have a longer pending period of 60-90 days. 

Note: Each Exclusive Offer can only be redeemed once per recipient, per item.

Is this different from the usual way to earn PayPal Rewards points?

On most stores, you can earn a PayPal Rewards point range on eligible items on your purchase. But with Exclusive Offers, you’ll know exactly how many points you’re going to get when you buy a specific item (remember, it can be a lot). 

On your Activity page, you'll be able to tell which points are for your Storewide Rewards or your Exclusive Offer points for your purchase. Just look under the "Description" column to see which is listed:

If you have any questions about PayPal Rewards, feel free to live chat us here between 9am-6pm PST, M-F, or reach out to us via email at yourfriends@joinhoney.com.

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