Missing PayPal Rewards Points

If you are missing PayPal Rewards points, consider the following questions:

When did you make your purchase?

PayPal Rewards transactions generally take about 2-14 days to appear as pending on your Activity page after making a purchase (although this may vary and take longer, depending on the purchase and retailer). So don't worry – it could still be processing behind the scenes. If you don't see your transaction in your account after 14 days, reach out to us

Please note that points that show as pending in your account cannot be used or redeemed until it’s no longer pending.

Are you logged into your Honey account? What email address are you using to log into Honey? Is it the only email address you've registered with Honey? 

If you have multiple Honey accounts by accident, contact us and we'll merge your accounts for you.

Did you make a purchase from a shopping site that offers PayPal Rewards?

PayPal Rewards aren't available at every shopping site. If a site does offer PayPal Rewards, we'll let you know while shopping on that site. 

Do you have another cash back/rewards program active on your browser?

When you use two or more rewards programs the credit can only be attributed to one of us. We don’t have a way of knowing which company will receive credit for your transaction in that scenario. Once a purchase is credited to Honey, we’re unable to retroactively attribute the purchase to another rewards program.

Did you buy an item that fell under an exclusion?

Some items on a retailer’s site are excluded from being eligible for PayPal Rewards points. Exclusions are up to the sole discretion of the merchant. Look out for more information on exclusions while you’re using the Honey extension and on our website.

Has it been 90 days or more since your purchase?

We are currently unable to look into transactions not listed in your Account Overview that are over 90 days after the purchase date. For these transactions, we are unable to inquire or investigate further with our partners. If you do not see a qualified PayPal Rewards transaction pending in your Activity page within 14 days of purchase, we recommend reaching out to our team to check this out for you.

If none of these questions apply to your purchase, send us your receipt (as a screenshot or forward along the confirmation email) with the date of purchase, total price paid, and order number and we'll look into it for you! For immediate help, you can live chat us here between 9am-6pm PST, M-F. 

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