What is Honey Gold?

What is Honey Gold?

Honey Gold is our free rewards program! When you shop at any of our 4,000+ participating sites, using the Honey browser extension, you can earn a percentage back in Gold. 

Gold is rewarded on the purchase subtotal and does not include tax or any additional fees such as shipping. The reward you receive is a randomized amount and varies from site to site. Your reward percentage is the luck of the draw!

Honey Gold is not offered on all stores that have Honey support. For example, we offer coupons at Amazon but Amazon doesn't offer Honey Gold.

If Honey Gold is offered on a shopping site, you'll see this icon next to the site name:

To claim your Honey Gold, click the Activate button.

At checkout, click Apply Coupons when Honey appears. Gold automatically activates when you click Apply Coupons. In addition, Honey will check all the available codes and find the one that saves you the most!

Honey Gold will appear as pending in your Account Overview within 2-14 days of completing your purchase. Purchases will remain pending for 60 days (on average) while the merchant confirms your purchase and verifies that no items have been returned or refunded. If you do return part of your purchase, no worries--the amount of Gold you earn will adjust accordingly. 

Once you accumulate 1000 Gold, U.S. members can redeem Honey Gold for a $10 gift card at the following stores:

1-800 Flowers, Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Macy's, Nordstrom, Sephora, Target, Walmart, Nike, Lowe's, Google Play, App Store & iTunes, Athleta, Banana Republic, Old Navy, GAP, and The Home Depot

If you live outside the U.S., we have options for you as well!

  • Australia: Amazon AU, Ticketmaster AU, eBay UK, Catch AU, Coles, MAC AU, Myer, Target AU, Uber Eats AU, Uber Rider, PlayStation Store, XBox Live AU, Spotify, The Iconic, RedBalloon AU, and Woolworths
  • Canada: Amazon CA, Ardene, Indigo, Kobo, Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH, and Children’s Place
  • UK: Clarks UK, Footlocker UK, Gap UK H&M UK, Starbucks UK, Tesco UK, B&Q UK, Adidas UK, Spotify, Currys PC World Ireland, Amazon UK, Marks & Spencer, SportsDirect.com, Play Google Store App, iTunes, Ticketmaster UK, Argos UK, Eurostar UK, and For Good Causes
  • EUR: Primark (FR, DE, and ES), Footlocker (FR, NL, IT, and ES), Expedia (FR, DE, IT, and ES), Mango FR, Wonderbox FR, Amazon (FR and DE), FLixBus DE, REWE, Zalando (IT, NL, and ES), iTunes (IT and ES), Spotify (IT and ES), TripGift Europe, Bol.com, Mediamarkt NL, DE Bijenkorf, Groupon ES, and Ticketmaster (ES and NL)

You can also donate your Honey Gold through Charity Choice!

What about exclusions?

Some stores have exclusions. After you've activated Gold, check the exclusions list under the activated rewards.

Note: Using another rewards program will likely interfere with Honey. We recommend disabling any other rewards program or ad-block extensions/programs to ensure you’re earning Honey Gold on every eligible purchase. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can re-activate your ad-block extension/programs :).

What is an Exclusive Offer?

Exclusive Offers are item-specific opportunities to earn extra Honey Gold while shopping using the Honey browser extension! If an Exclusive Offer is available for an item, you’ll see Honey pop up while viewing the product page to notify you. 

Just click ‘Activate Offer’ and complete your qualifying purchase before the timer runs out to snag those extra Honey Gold rewards.

You can view your Exclusive Offer Gold in your Account Overview. Keep in mind, your Gold for Exclusive Offers will be marked as "pending" while the merchant just confirms your order (typically 7 days) - then your eligible Gold will become available in your account to redeem. 💰

Note: Each Exclusive Offer can only be redeemed once per recipient, per item.

If you have any questions about Honey Gold, just reach out to us.

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