Refer a Friend

Loving the Honey browser extension and want to share Honey with friends and family? Just send your Honey Referral Link via Facebook, Twitter, or email to invite them to try Honey in one click. 

You can also type your friend's email address directly in the box provided (you can add more email addresses at once- just use a space to separate those email addresses) and click that "Invite" button.

Your invitation has no expiration date. You can keep track of your referrals under the "Referral Activity" section on the Invite Page. Whenever a friend you refer earns Honey Gold on their first qualifying purchase, you'll also see a referral transaction pending in your Account Overview.

When your friend's Gold posts to their account (usually after 60 days after purchase), you and your referred friend will receive that 500 Honey Gold referral bonus from us! 

You can refer up to 200 friends for a maximum of 100,000 Honey Gold (the equivalent of $1,000). Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the process and thanks for sharing the love.

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