Can I use Honey on Amazon?

Amazon rarely offers site-wide coupons, so we help members find better deals on Amazon with these customized tools for U.S. shoppers who use Honey on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge:

We're working hard on bringing these features to our international members, so stay tuned :)

Amazon does not offer Honey Gold on purchases.

Best-Price Detection

When you're looking at a product on Amazon, there are multiple options available in the marketplace. Various sellers frequently sell the same item for less than Amazon does, which may not be the default option you see when you're on Amazon. With Best-Price Detection enabled, we can potentially find a better price for you. We only compare competing offers for the exact product you're viewing -- same size, color, and features.

We'll let you know about any shipping delays -- if any -- and take Prime shipping benefits into account when choosing the best price. If we can't find a better price for you, we'll let you know that you have the best price available already.

Price History

Price History tracks price changes for items on Amazon for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. 

When you view an item's price history, Honey will show you a detailed page that displays an item's price history and changes over the last 30, 60, or 120 days. Using crowdsourcing help from other Honey members, we can tell you when and where members have seen price fluctuations on a specific item in a certain time period.


Droplist is a money-saving feature that lets you watch items for price drops. Droplist will notify you when the price of an item drops below the amount you choose. Follow these instructions to properly utilize this feature.

  1. Look up an item that you want Honey to keep an eye on and click the h button.
  2. Let Honey know how long you'd like to watch an item, select the percentage of the price drop you would like to be notified at, add any tags you would like to add, and select the color, size, and/or variables of the item you desire!
  3. Click Add to Droplist.
  4. Your item is added to your Droplist!

5. After you Droplist your item, you have a few different options you can choose from to enhance your Droplist experience! You can add tags to the item, change the timeframe of how long you would like to watch the item for, change the percentage of price drop you would like to be notified at, change the color, size, and/or variables of the item, view your Droplist, and see the price history of the item! 

Do these features work on Amazon Smile?

If you're shopping on Amazon to benefit a charity through Amazon Smile, all of these features still work!

If you run into any trouble with Honey on Amazon, reach out to us.

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