Can I use Honey on Amazon?

Yep! For shoppers using Honey on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge we offer a best-price detection feature on Amazon! We're workin' hard to bring this feature to Opera soon (as well as our upcoming Microsoft Edge version) so if you use one of those browsers, hang tight!

So, here's the thing--Amazon doesn't offer a lot of site-wide coupons. And by "a lot" we mean practically none. And by "practically none" we mean..."we've never seen one but we're hoping they one day will because can you imagine what a great day for shopping that would be?"

Anyways. Honey can't find coupons where there aren't any--but we still wanted to find a way to get you savings! Now, you might've noticed that when you're looking at a product on Amazon, there are other options on the marketplace. Other sellers could be selling the same item for less, and that might not be the default option that Amazon offers! That's where we step in...if we detect a better deal for you, Honey will let you know! We only compare competing offers for the exact product you're viewing--same size, same color, same features.

We'll let you know about any shipping delays (if any) and we do take Prime shipping benefits into account! And, if we can't find a better deal for you, we'll let you know so that you can shop confidently 😉

Chrome and Firefox users will also be able to use our  Price History and DropList features to supercharge your Amazon savings power! 

If you run into any trouble with that feature, you can always drop us a line at Now get out there and have fun exploring Amazon with Honey!

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