Honey on international sites

Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and more. We're rolling out support for additional international sites now!

How do you know if Honey is available on your favorite shopping sites?

First, add the free Honey extension to your browser. Once you do, an h icon will appear in your browser's toolbar. If you see the h icon turn orange (with the exception of Honey for Safari), you know Honey is supported on that site. When a store is supported, this is what it looks like on Honey for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge:

On  Honey for Safari, you'll see the h logo to the left of the address bar with red numbers that indicate that coupon codes are available:

When the Honey extension shows you how much you've saved using our coupons, it shows the correct currency if you're using Honey for Chrome. On Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, Honey is currently displaying the dollar symbol instead of the pound symbol. Please know that the value shown is the correct amount in your local currency. If you're shopping in the United Kingdom, even though Honey currently displays an item's cost as $5.00, it is actually £5.00. We are rolling out fixes for this soon.

If there's a store that we don't support yet, let us know and we'll support it as soon as possible.

Honey Gold Rewards are available for eligible purchases in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Our Amazon best-price detection, Droplist price alerts, and Yelp Groupon-finders currently work on U.S. sites only. We are expanding these features to international sites as quickly as we can!

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