Redeeming PayPal Rewards to PayPal

Earning PayPal Rewards points is fun, but redeeming them is even more exciting. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can head to the Redemption Page, sign into your Honey account, and choose how you want to redeem your points.

You can redeem your points from your linked PayPal account for cash back, redeem to a PayPal high-yield savings account, donate to a charity, or spend directly within PayPal Checkout.  You can also redeem for a gift card to participating stores (for US members, you'll need 1,000 points for a gift card) from your Honey account.  Currently, redeeming PayPal Rewards points within PayPal is only available for the U.S.  

For help with redeeming your PayPal Rewards for gift cards, check here. If you want to redeem your points to your account with PayPal, just follow the steps below. 

Redemption Options Available at PayPal 

You can choose to redeem your PayPal Rewards for cash, or to your PayPal high-yield savings account (you must have a PayPal savings account to see this option) or donate to a charity from within your linked PayPal account or redeem your points when checking out with PayPal. Once you’ve earned enough points, simply go to the Redemption Page and click the option to redeem your points to PayPal. 

Your Honey account will need to be linked to a valid U.S. personal PayPal account in good standing to redeem to PayPal. As a reminder, you can link your accounts or create a new account with PayPal on the Redemption Page. Scroll down to the linking section if you need more help. 

Once you’ve linked your accounts for redemption, U.S. members can redeem their points to their PayPal account. U.S. personal account members who want to keep their cash redemption in PayPal as a balance, or use other features that rely on a balance, will need to have a PayPal Balance account in order to do this. 

If you don’t have a PayPal Balance account, you can still use your personal PayPal account to receive your cash back and transfer it to a linked debit card or bank account. You can also do the same if you have a PayPal Balance account. 

Just a reminder  

Keep in mind that once you redeem your PayPal Rewards points, we’re not able to cancel the redemption or change the redemption type. We want you to be happy with your choice, so the more you know the better.   

If you redeem your PayPal Rewards points in PayPal Checkout and the order is refunded, the points will be returned to your PayPal Rewards balance once the refund is completed. 

If you’d prefer to redeem your points for store gift cards instead, check out how here

How to link your account with PayPal to your Honey account for redemption    

Start by going to the Redemption Page and selecting the redeem to PayPal option.

You’ll have the option to link an existing PayPal account or create a new account if you don’t have one yet. If you need help creating a PayPal account, check out the section below.   

To successfully link your accounts, you’ll need to make sure that the PayPal account you’re using to log in has your Honey account email as either the primary or an additional email address on the account. You can learn more about that here

If your account with PayPal doesn’t already have your Honey email address listed, you can easily add your Honey email by following these steps:   

1. Log into your account with PayPal like you normally do.   

2. Click the settings icon at the top right of the page.  

3. Add your Honey email by clicking the plus sign on the email section of the page.  

After you’ve added your Honey email to your account with PayPal, you can return to the Redemption Page to finish entering your PayPal credentials. Your accounts should now be linked for redemption. From there, you can easily redeem your PayPal Rewards for cash, or to your PayPal high-yield savings account, or donate to a charity.  You can also choose to redeem directly within PayPal checkout the next time you pay with PayPal.  

Note: If you need help unlinking your PayPal and Honey account for redemption, reach out to us at for help. 

How to create a new account with PayPal

Don’t have a PayPal account yet? Don’t worry. Just follow this article to get everything set up.  

Still need help?

If there’s a problem or error with your redemption to PayPal, please reach out directly to PayPal Customer Service here. For all other issues related to your PayPal Rewards points, you can live chat us here between 9am-6pm PST, M-F, or reach out to us via email at

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