What is the Honey extension and how do I get it?

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 shopping sites. We also instantly find better prices on Amazon and offer Honey Gold at many stores for our American, Canadian, and UK members. We're adding these features for more international Honey members soon, so stay tuned! 

The Basics

If you haven't signed up for Honey yet, you can click on Sign Up on top right hand corner of our site!

You can sign up with Honey in the following ways:

1) With Google

2) With Facebook

3) With your email address and a password

After entering the requested information, you will be a part of the Honey community! :)

If you haven’t installed Honey yet, head over to  JoinHoney.com. We're currently supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

Once Honey is installed, you will see the Honey icon in the top right corner turn orange on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge when you're on a shopping site that is supported by Honey. 

On Safari, the Honey icon is located to the left of the toolbar and shows red numbers on a supported site that indicate the number of coupon codes available.

Click on the Honey button to see coupons that are available for a store.

If there's a  store you'd like added, let us know and we'll support it as soon as we can. You can also search for stores at JoinHoney.com.

When you're on a checkout page with a promo code field, Honey will pop up. Click Apply Coupons and we'll automatically try all known coupon codes for that shopping site (including Honey-exclusive codes). 

If we find a code that works, we’ll apply the one that saves you the most money!

We search the internet for all the best deals. If you find a coupon code that we don't have,  let us know so we can share it with the Honey community. You can also submit codes directly from the extension by clicking Share it with the community.

Honey + Amazon

Note: applicable only for U.S. Honey members at this time. Honey finds better prices on Amazon by automatically comparing the final prices and price history (including sales tax and shipping) of every top-rated seller in the marketplace. We list the best price right on the product page, so you know if you're getting the best deal. If there's a better deal, we'll show it to you. 

Honey also lets you know if you can save on the price of an item by waiting a bit longer for shipping. We work with Prime, too, so you can still get special Prime deals. The best part? You can easily swap the better deal into your cart with one click. 

For a more detailed look at how Amazon and Honey work seamlessly together, visit  this support article.

Honey Gold + Honey Gold Bonus

As an added perk, we also offer  Honey Gold and Honey Gold Bonuses at many stores! When Honey makes a commission from the sale of an item, we split the profits with you –– literally passing along the savings. 

All you have to do is activate Honey Gold (only available for U.S. shopping, UK, Australian, and Canadian sites but more coming soon!) before checking out.

You'll receive a randomized bonus in the form of Honey Gold that can be viewed in your  Account Overview. When activating Honey Gold, you cannot use multiple cash back programs at the same time. We also recommend disabling ad-block programs on store checkout pages. You can always re-enable them after you've finished checking out.

Honey Gold Redemption

With 1000 Honey Gold posted, you can  redeem your Gold for a $10 gift card at the following stores (for U.S. members):

  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Groupon
  • Ebay
  • Sephora
  • Macy's
  • Charity Choice
  • 1-800 Flowers

We're in the process of adding more redemption options, so stay tuned. 

If you're an international member, please  reach out to us about redemption options. 

Refer Honey to Friends

If you'd like to refer Honey to friends, you can find your personalized referral link at JoinHoney.com/invite. When your friends sign up with your link and earn Honey Gold on their first eligible purchase, you'll receive 500 Gold, which translates to $5. You can refer a maximum of 200 people!

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