What information does Honey collect?

We only collect information that we believe can help you save time and money when shopping online. If you choose to register as a member, you can provide your name, email, and other general profile information. You can also choose to link your Facebook or Google account to make it easy to refer friends and contacts. Like most other web services, Honey collects technical information about your device and how you use Honey to make sure that our products are working right, to help you save more time and money, and to detect and prevent fraud. 

Otherwise, we read some of the data on the shopping site that you’re on, so that we can find you a coupon and anonymously share products and deals with the rest of the Honey community. We also see if you made a purchase and if the coupon worked. 

To be clear, the Honey extension does NOT collect any information from your search engine history, emails, or any website that’s not a retail site. It never collects credit card numbers, billing addresses, or any other billing information either. You can learn more by reading our Privacy Policy.

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