What is the 'read and change data' permission in Chrome?

When you install Honey for Chrome, this pop-up window appears.

The 'read and change' pop-up is standard across Chrome extensions and Honey does not capture or alter any  personal or payment information from the websites you visit. The only information we 'change' on a website is when we test coupon codes in the coupon code box on a shopping site. To reiterate, our extension only has access to the coupon code box and nothing else on the browser page. This New York Times article thoroughly details the 'read and change information' warning. Please be sure to read our privacy policy as well. 

The best way to determine if an extension is legitimate is to see how it has been reviewed, including the amount of users and its rating.  We currently have over almost eight million users and a five-star rating in our Chrome Store reviews! If you still don't feel comfortable using the extension, you can create a Honey account and use the coupon codes we provide while you're logged in at JoinHoney.com.

Questions about privacy and user data? Please contact us directly. 

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