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PayPal Shopping Voucher Terms and Conditions EU


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These Terms and Conditions apply to users based in Europe. 

Thank you for redeeming your Gold rewards points. Following your redemption, we have added a voucher to your PayPal account which allows you to receive a discount on your next eligible purchase when you check out using your PayPal account (a "PayPal Shopping Voucher"). This PayPal Shopping Voucher is issued for loyalty and promotional purposes and must be redeemed by 11:59pm Pacific Time on the given expiration date displayed on the voucher (the "Expiration Date"). Following the Expiration Date, you will not be able to use the PayPal Shopping Voucher and will forfeit any remaining value. Your redemption of Gold rewards points is final and cannot be reversed or cancelled once initiated.

To use this PayPal Shopping Voucher, select PayPal to pay at checkout and log in to the PayPal account that received your PayPal Shopping Voucher confirmation email, and the PayPal Shopping Voucher will be automatically applied to your next eligible purchase. The PayPal Shopping Voucher will be reflected on your PayPal receipt or in the transaction details in your PayPal account. If prior to the Expiration Date, there is a full refund or reversal on a transaction you made using the PayPal Shopping Voucher, the PayPal Shopping Voucher (or portion thereof used on the applicable transaction) will be returned to your PayPal account and the original Expiration Date shall apply to the PayPal Shopping Voucher. If, following the Expiration Date, there is a refund or reversal on a transaction you made using the PayPal Shopping Voucher, the PayPal Shopping Voucher will not be returned to your PayPal account and is void. In the event that you receive a partial refund for any transaction you made using both a PayPal Shopping Voucher and another method of payment, the other method of payment will be credited first in applying the refunded amount to you, up to the total amount of the original transaction paid for using that payment method, after which, provided the return is processed before the Expiration Date, any remainder will be added to your account as a PayPal Shopping Voucher (and the returned PayPal Shopping Voucher will remain subject to the original Expiration Date).

Excluded transactions which the PayPal Shopping Voucher cannot be used for include, but are not limited to, the following: Send Money Transactions (when you send money using the send money feature in your PayPal account), eBay seller fees, eBay purchases paid via an eBay invoice, PayPal billing agreements payments and the payment of any PayPal transaction fees. PayPal Shopping Voucher may not be applied to past purchases. The PayPal Shopping Voucher is valid for PayPal account holders and can only be used for purchases in Euros. you must have a valid PayPal account in good standing in order to use the PayPal Shopping Voucher.

This PayPal Shopping Voucher is not e-money and is therefore different than a typical PayPal account balance. Please note that it will not be possible to use PayPal Shopping Vouchers on purchases where you cannot check out using your PayPal account. The PayPal Shopping Voucher cannot be transferred (to other PayPal users or outside of PayPal) or combined with any other PayPal (a) offer (including but not limited to Pay After Delivery offers; (b) promotion code; (c) coupon; or (d) discount (including applying multiple PayPal Shopping Vouchers to a single purchase). The PayPal Shopping Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or other value and cannot be withdrawn from your PayPal account. PayPal Shopping Voucher has no monetary value except as provided for under these Terms and Conditions. PayPal Shopping Voucher is void where prohibited and may not be available when network connectivity between the merchant and PayPal is unavailable. The PayPal Shopping Voucher is visible on our website at or localized domains, and may not be visible in the PayPal mobile app.

Use of the PayPal Shopping Voucher is subject to the PayPal User Agreement, in addition to these PayPal Shopping Voucher Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the benefits you receive through the redemption options connected to Honey Gold loyalty rewards points, and it is solely your responsibility to assess, collect, report and remit the correct taxes to the appropriate authority. We are not responsible for determining whether any taxes apply to your transaction or redemption, or for calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting taxes arising from any transaction or redemption. 

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