Can't Login

Are you having issues logging into Honey? There are two main reasons why you may be getting stuck:

1) You have made too many failed attempts.

2) You are receiving a proxy error message.

A proxy error message could be generated by our system because it recognized that you were accessing Honey from a VPN (virtual private network), a proxy "unlocker" service, or a flagged IP address. Our system can't distinguish a person's intention when using a proxy service - due to this, your access to Honey could temporarily be flagged for security reasons.

Instructions for disabling your VPN:

These instructions are intended to be general guidelines and may vary depending on your browser, operating system or VPN software. If you keep running into trouble, we recommend contacting your VPN service for more guidance.

For Mac

  • Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner. Choose System Preferences.

  • Click Network.

  • Select your VPN service in the list at the left and click to disable.

You can also click the VPN status icon on your top menu bar and select  Disconnect from X (where X is the name of your VPN service).

For Windows (versions 7, 8, and 10) 

  • Open the Windows Control Panel, which can be found on the Windows Start Menu, inside "This PC", or other Windows systems menus depending on O/S version. Open Network and Internet.

  • Click the Change adapter settings option on the new left-hand menu that appears. A new pop-up window will appear that displays the list of all connections configured on the computer with the status of each. The list often includes three or more entries for Ethernet, Wi-Fi and VPN connection types.

  • Choose the network you wish to disable or enable from the list and right click to bring up its specific menu options. Disabled connections will have an Enable option and enabled connections will have a Disable option at the top of the menu that can be clicked to perform the appropriate action.
  • Close the Control Panel window when finished.

Are you still receiving this message but not using a VPN, proxy or haven't made too many failed log in attempts?

Your IP address may have been compromised and used for malicious activities. When that occurs, the IP is flagged and blocked by a lot of external providers. See if your IP address has been flagged for suspicious activity. In this case, there isn't a work-around currently.

Reach out to us if you're unable to get into your Honey account and we'll do our best to help get you back in!

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