Change Email

Need to update your Honey account email address? No problem! Just head over to your Account Settings page > My Profile to do so. 

1. Click Change email.

2. Click Send Change Email Link.

3. This screen will prompt you to check your email so you can update the email address. 

4. Once you receive an email from us, click Change my email

Didn't receive an email? Make sure to check your spam and junk folders. If you still don't see it, please contact us.

5. Once you reach this page, your current email address will be in the first box. You will enter in your new email address in the second box and then re-enter it in the third box. Click Change email to confirm the update.

6. Your account email address has now been successfully updated!

If you don’t have access to the email address that is currently associated with your Honey account, contact us with the email address you currently have associated with Honey, as well as the email address you would like your Honey account under moving forward.

If you have more than one account with Honey, we can also help you merge all your accounts into one. Just reach out to our team :)

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