I'm missing Gold!

It's okay! Stop. Breathe. Reflect on this video of baby goats in pajamas, if you think it might help.

We'll get that Gold for you.

Couple of questions:

  • Are you logged into Honey? And what email are you logged into Honey with? Is it the only email you use with Honey? Are you sure? Are you really sure?
    • If you think you might have Gold spread across different accounts, write in to yourfriends@joinhoney.com and we'll merge those accounts for you.
  • Did you purchase from a store with a cash bonus? Gold offers aren't available on every store, but if there is one the extension will let you know! Stores that have an available cash bonus will say so in the extension and they'll have a golden checkmark next to their name--if you don't see that, then no Gold on that store!
  • Are you using another rewards program?
    • Aw, man! Unfortunately, if you've been earning rewards with another program, you've been earning rewards there and not in your Honey account.
  • Did you buy an item that fell under an exclusion?
    • We know they're the worst, but they're out there. Exclusions are up to the sole discretion of the merchant, meaning we don't make 'em but we gotta respect 'em. You'll find the exclusions list after you've activated your Honey Gold, under your potential Gold percentage. Here's what it looks like:

    • If you're still missing Gold, wrangle up your receipt--including the store you were shopping at, the subtotal of your items, the date of your purchase, and what was ordered. Take that receipt and drop us a line at gold@joinhoney.com and we'll help you out. And everything will be golden...Honey Golden 😉

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