Honey isn't finding coupons for me!

Aw, it's the worst but it's true––we can't always hit a home run every time. 

Sometimes, Honey does come up empty. That's usually because there aren't any coupons available that apply to your order. Unfortunately, we just find coupons, we can't create them. Imagine if we could, though–– we'd give away free pizza on every order! Sadly, we can't make that happen. 

But we can save you the trouble of manually searching and testing every...single...code. And find you the best discount applicable if multiple codes work. And show you in real time which codes were last successful. And find you exclusive Honey deals and coupons for merchants. And offer you a Cash Bonus on as many stores as possible. That's almost as good as free pizza, right? Almost

If you've got a coupon that we don't have yet, don't keep it to yourself! Click open that extension and  submit it so that the rest of the Honey community can share that deal!

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