PayPal Rewards in the App

What are PayPal Rewards?

PayPal Rewards is Honey’s rewards program where you can earn points on eligible purchases that you can later redeem. For US members, you can redeem for cash back, PayPal shopping credit, or gift cards from participating stores (once you earn 1,000 points). Live outside the US? We have options for you as well on the Redemption Page.

And good news, you’ll have chances to earn points throughout the app.

How do I get PayPal Rewards in the app?

Congratulations! If you’ve installed our mobile app and created an account, you’re already part of our PayPal Rewards program. If a store has points offered, you can see the rewards rate in two places: 

1. When on the Explore page or searching for merchants in the Honey app, you will see the percent listed under the merchant's name. 

2) Swipe up on the Honey bar at the bottom of the in-app webview while you visit the store. Then tap Rewards.

When you click Shop on Website to use the in-app webview feature to shop on a merchant's site, PayPal Rewards will automatically be enabled. No extra steps - just continue shopping and you'll be able to earn points on your eligible purchases. 

After you make your purchase, PayPal Rewards transactions post as pending in your Activity page within 2-14 days of your purchase, although this may vary in some instances depending on the purchase and retailer. 

What are Exclusive Offers and how do I earn one in the app?

Simply put, it’s a chance to get extra points on items you love, which may rarely go on sale. We call these Exclusive Offers. When you’re shopping within the Honey app, Exclusive Offers will show on the Explore page or whenever you search for a product whenever they’re available. 

Once you tap on the item with an Offer, you'll be taken to the product page to check out the details. Once you click Activate Offer and Shop to qualify for the Offer point amount featured (it’s a lot more than normal), you'll be taken to the merchant's site within the in-app webview.

Just continue shopping like you usually would and any eligible Offers purchases will post on your Activity page within 2-7 days. These offers are time-sensitive, so act fast! 

Note: Exclusive Offers within the Honey app are currently only available for US members on iOS.

Is this different from the usual way to earn PayPal Rewards points?

On most stores, you can earn a PayPal Rewards point range on eligible items on your purchase. But with Exclusive Offers, you’ll know exactly how many points you’re going to get when you buy a specific item (remember, it can be a lot). 

On your Activity page, you'll be able to tell which points are for your Storewide Rewards or your Exclusive Offer points for your purchase. Just look under the " Description" column to see which is listed:

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