What is the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant?

The Honey app lets you:

  • Shop all kinds of products from some of your favorite stores.
  • Easily view and apply recently successful promo codes before you check out
  • US members can save items to Droplist and get notified when Honey finds a price drop.
  • Earn PayPal Rewards points from PayPal Honey on eligible items and redeem them. For US members, redeem for cash back, PayPal shopping credit, or gift cards from participating stores (for gift cards, you’ll first need to earn 1,000 points). Live outside the US? We have options for you as well on the Redemption Page.

Download the app and start shopping today. The Honey mobile app is currently available for members in the US, UK, AU, CA, DE, FR, IT, NL, IN, and ES members.

What's the difference between our browser extension and mobile app?

We get asked that question often. They’re both parts of the Honey experience. Both can save you time and money. They just do it a little differently.

For starters, the Honey extension works on your web browser - Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera. If you’re shopping on one of the 30,000+ sites that Honey works on and we find codes for that site, we’ll pop up to test and apply the best coupons we find for you. Amazing, right?

Now, on to the app. Imagine taking all kinds of products from your favorite sites, throwing in the best codes we find, adding the price intelligence of Honey’s community for deal notifications, and bringing them all together in one easy-to-shop destination. That’s the basis of the app. Also amazing, right?

Think of it this way. The extension goes with you to different stores whenever you’re on your computer. The app brings different stores to you in a single app whenever you’re on your phone. And both can help you find deals and score rewards.

So, the extension goes with you. The app brings everything to you.

Do coupons work differently?

Since the app and extension work differently, so do the coupons. 

As we mentioned, the extension goes with you to different shopping sites on your computer. So when you’re ready to check out, a window pops up to let you know if Honey found coupon codes for the store. The extension then automatically tests the coupons to see if any can work for your order. If we do find working codes, we’ll apply the best one to your order.

When you shop a store in the app, you’ll see a Honey bar at the bottom of the in-app browser that pops up when you view a product on the store website. You can learn more about finding coupon codes in our mobile app here.

For both the app and extension, you'll have access to great deals we find, so you can always shop with confidence.

What about Amazon?

US members can now shop and view available coupon codes on Amazon within the Honey mobile app through the in-app webview. If you’re outside of the US, you can still add items to Droplist using our browser extension or directly from the Honey website.

Does Droplist work on both the app and extension?

For US members, Droplist works on both platforms. Check out how to use Droplist in the mobile app here

What about PayPal Rewards?

You can earn PayPal Rewards points on both the app and extension on your eligible items. In the app, you’ll see the rewards rate in the orange Honey bar at the bottom of the in-app webview. You’ll see pending and earned points in the same place for app and extension purchases. View your PayPal Rewards transactions on your Activity page. For more information on PayPal Rewards in the mobile app, check here

How do they work together?

The app and extension were meant to be different. One is geared for the best shopping experience on your phone while the other is meant for the best experience on your computer. But together they’re great - kind of like peanut butter and chocolate.

We’re always working on both to try to help you save even more time and money. Between the app and extension, you’ll have more chances to save when you shop.

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