How do I use Droplist on the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant?

Droplist Collections is here!
Save and organize items you’re watching in easy to find categories. Say you’re putting together a list of must-have tech. Create a collection and name it “Tech” or any other name that comes to mind. Planning a trip to Cabo? Just put together a collection of items and name it “Cabo Vacay.” Create as many collections with as many items as you’d like. Droplist Collections. Easy to use, curated by you.

How to use Droplist Collections on mobile

See an item you want to keep your eye on? You can add an item you are viewing to your Droplist Collections by clicking the + button (as shown below).

Then, you can choose your Options for that item to fit your style (like color, edition, size, etc). 

Next, you'll need to select how long you want to watch it for (30, 60, 90 or 120 days) and set your price point by clicking "Price drop alerts." Now just check which one of your Droplist Collections you'd like to add that item to. Hit "Save" and you're all set! 

Does that item not vibe with any of your current Droplist Collections? Start a new Collection by choosing "Create." 

If you opt in to receive push notifications, the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant will send you notifications when there are price drops for items you have Droplisted. We highly recommend you enable these push notifications. We’ll only deliver timely information when you need it to make sure you get the best deals. 

You can update your notification settings at any time by going to your Profile -> Settings -> Notifications and un-toggling the notifications you no longer want to receive.

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