How do I use Droplist on the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant?

Droplist is a powerful feature that watches your favorite items, notifying you when the price of an item drops below the amount you choose.

There's no limit to how many items Droplist will watch for you. It monitors the price of your items for 30, 60 90, or 120 days. We'll automatically send you an email when the price drops to the amount you set. We'll even remind you when an item is about to expire so you can continue to watch it if you choose!

How to use Droplist

1) Choose an item you want Honey to watch. To add an item to your Droplist, tap the (picture of icon) button. 2) Choose how long we should watch it for (30, 60 or 90 days) and set your price point. Then tap Add to Droplist.

3) Your desired item is now on your Droplist! You can also add tags to your Droplist item and also change the price point after the item is added as well if needed! Droplist tags allow you to easily organize items you want to watch for price drops however you want.  Planning a summer vacation to Cancun? Stash all the items you need under a #cancun tag and easily filter to just those items from the Droplist section of the app! 

If you opt in to receive push notifications, the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant will send you notifications regarding the orders you've placed from the app. It will also alert you when there are price drops for items you have Droplisted.  

We highly recommend you enable these push notifications. We’ll only deliver timely information when you need it to make sure you get the best deals and will never spam you with annoying push notifications. 

You can also update your notification settings at any time by going to your Profile -> Settings -> Notifications and un-toggling the notifications you no longer want to receive.

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