What is PayPal Honey?

We’re now PayPal Honey. Expect big things to come. 

PayPal Honey is a suite of online shopping tools that helps members save money and earn redeemable rewards. Current Honey members may notice that our name is different – don't worry, the features you know and love are here to stay. From more deals to improved checkout, we’ve got exciting updates on the way. Until then, here’s some helpful information.

You can keep earning cash back like you always have – by racking up PayPal Rewards points with eligible stores and products, with double cash back offers and exclusive offers, or a free  browser extension that searches for and tests available coupon codes at checkout – then adds the one with the biggest savings it finds to your cart.

Does the name change impact the way I use Honey?

Nope. We’ll still look for coupons for you whenever you shop and apply the best one we can find. It’s what millions of members love about us. And we’ll still work our deal magic in other ways – like looking for price drops, comparing prices when you shop, and sending you deal alerts for items you save and stores you follow.

Can I still earn PayPal Rewards?

Absolutely. You can keep earning like you always have – by earning PayPal Rewards points with eligible stores and products, or with exclusive offers and double the points on double cash back offers. PayPal Rewards points are redeemable for cash and other options. To earn and redeem, you’ll need to have a PayPal account in good standing. See our terms for more details.

Does this affect the points I’ve already earned?

Any points you’ve earned won’t change – they’ll still be in your account and ready to redeem whenever you want. Look for more chances to earn daily with our app, website, and extension.  

Should I check out with PayPal?

You can choose any checkout option when you’re ready to pay, but PayPal makes it easy to complete your purchase quickly and securely after we look for coupons. 

Do I need to link my Honey and PayPal accounts?

Nothing will change with your current account information. If you don’t have an existing Honey account, you can use your PayPal credentials to create one. However, keep in mind that it won’t be linked to your PayPal account – the information you use to log in will be the same, but that’s it.

What’s the difference between PayPal Honey and PayPal?

PayPal and PayPal Honey both help you shop online with confidence. PayPal Honey is a suite of shopping tools, including mobile and desktop extensions, that searches for deals and chances to earn rewards. When it’s time to check out, that’s where PayPal comes in — it’s a fast and secure way to pay. 

What can I expect in the future? 

We’re coming up with all kinds of exciting ways to provide more value, from creating deals to adding more perks at checkout. Keep an eye out as you continue to shop with PayPal Honey.

Today we’re changing our name. But tomorrow we’ve got big things coming. Stay tuned.

For any additional questions (or congratulations) reach out to yourfriends@joinhoney.com

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