Droplist Collections

Collections make it easy to organize and categorize your favorite Droplisted items. To create a new Collection, simply click the Create New Collection button while on your Droplist page.

Name your new Collection and you’re ready to start adding Droplisted items!

Add/remove Droplisted items

To add an item from your Droplist page to a Collection, just click + Add to Collection and choose which Collection you’d like it to be moved to.

If you'd like to remove an item from your Collection, first click on the Collection button that indicates which Collection the item belongs to, then click Remove and Done.

Shared Collections

Shared Collections is a feature that allows you to showcase your Collections and share them with friends, family, and others. To make a Collection on your Droplist public, select the Collection you’d like to share and hit the Share button. Here, toggle the button beside Make this Shareable to change the Collection from private to public.

Once public, anyone with your unique Collection link can view all items within your Collection.

If you’d no longer like your Collection to be public, simply click the Make this Shareable toggle again to make it private. When private, your collection will no longer be accessible by others. 

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