Honey Deal Comparison in the App

Let Honey do the comparison shopping for you. We round up prices from different sellers, potential savings opportunities, available PayPal rewards, and more insights all in one place for products you’re interested in. We’ll also recommend buying options based on potential savings and available PayPal Rewards points you can redeem for cash back. That way, you can decide which buying option is best for you.

What is the Honey Top Pick and how do you choose it? 

We consider seller price, potential coupon savings, and chances to earn rewards, and recommend the lowest effective price after using Honey.

While our recommendation is based on the lowest effective price, there may be other buying options that work better for you.

How are potential savings calculated?

Potential savings show the number of active coupons on the store's site. 

Why don't I always see PayPal rewards or Potential Savings?

We only share rewards or potential savings amounts when we’re confident you’ll save at checkout. We try not to include store coupons that aren’t working consistently for Honey members. However, keep in mind that some codes may not work for you, or that we may find savings at checkout even if a potential savings amount isn’t shown.

How do I use it in the app and where can I find it?

Honey’s Real Deal comparison is available for products around the web - Just search for an item within the Honey mobile app and look for the "Compare at Stores" option.

Where do you check prices?

We compare stores from all over the web, especially major retailers and other popular merchants that we trust. However, there may be some options out there that we didn’t pick up. 

Why isn't the Honey Deal Comparison available for all products?

We’re working hard to support more stores and product categories. Stay tuned!

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