Gold Rewards in our Mobile Extension

When Honey appears at checkout, you should see available Gold Rewards listed in the Honey pop-up.

If you're having trouble earning Gold Rewards with the Honey Mobile Extension, make sure you’re logged into your Honey account. If you already have Honey on desktop, make sure you use the same account on all devices.

Exclusive Cash Back Offers 

While shopping on the mobile Safari extension, Exclusive Cash Back Offers will pop up on an item’s page whenever they’re available. Press Activate Cash Back to qualify for the Gold points presented. Remember - these offers are time-sensitive, so don’t miss out!

You can head over to your Account Overview to view any of your earned Exclusive Offers. Your points for Exclusive Offers will typically be marked as pending for 7 days while the merchant confirms your order. However, in some cases, Exclusive Offers may have a longer pending period of 60-90 days.

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