Installing the Honey Mobile Extension

The Honey extension for Safari mobile now comes bundled with the latest Honey app on iOS15.

First, you’ll need a device with iOS15 or later. Make sure to update your phone by going to Settings > Software Update. Then you’ll need an up-to-date version of the Honey app. Download or update Honey in the app store.

Launch Honey and select Enable for Safari.

First, you'll need to follow the steps to enable Honey:

  1. Tap the aA on your browser bar
  2. Select Manage Extensions 
  3. Turn on Honey by toggling the button to green 

Then, just follow the prompts to enable permissions for us to search for savings:

  1. Tap Review

  2.  Select Always Allow
  3. Select Always Allow on Every Website

What if I don't see the Review button?

If you do not see the Review button, you can click the “ I don’t see a Review button” link at the bottom of your screen to finish setting up the Honey Safari mobile extension. 

Then, you'll be shown another way to finish setting up the Honey Extension for your mobile Safari browser. Just follow the prompts on your screen:

  1. Tap the aA on your browser bar

  2. Tap the h Honey icon 

  3. Select “Always Allow”, then “Always Allow on Every Website” 

Keep in mind: At this time, the Honey Mobile Extension is only available for iPhone because Android doesn’t currently support browser extensions on Chrome.

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