Coupon Success Rates

Not only do we look for coupons, we also share coupon success rates whenever possible. That way, you have a sense of how often we see coupons successfully applied to orders from a certain store. Keep in mind that coupon success will vary and the  only way to know if coupons will work for your order with certainty is to apply them at checkout. 

How do we calculate coupon success?

We base our coupon success on how often we see members saving at a particular store when attempting to apply coupons, over the total number of attempts to apply coupons.  We then ascribe a rating to the calculated percentage based on how that frequency compares to other stores. For example, a coupon success rate of 51% (meaning, for example, in 51 instances out of a total of 100 attempts, a coupon reduced the amount of a Honey user’s cart at a particular store) may be considered high when compared to the average coupon success rate we calculate across all our merchants. 

We also consider that certain coupons may not work on an order – even if the success rate is high. This depends on the items in a cart or coupon exclusions and restrictions, which are determined by the store. 

Where can I find a store’s coupon success rate?

You can find coupon success rates on the Honey site or with the Honey extension when you’re shopping on store sites. 

How do you rank the success rates? 

We do the math and keep it simple for you. Here’s how we break it down: 

2% to 10% - Very low

>10% to 20% - Low

>20% to 50% - Medium

>50% to 70% - High

>70-100% - Very High

For coupon success rates lower than 2%, we’ll show you opportunities to earn cash back if they’re available. It’s another way we help you get more out of shopping. 

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