Honey Deal Comparison

Let Honey do the comparison shopping for you. We round up prices from different sellers, potential savings opportunities, available cashback, and more insights all in one place for products you’re interested in. We’ll also recommend buying options based on potential savings and available cashback. That way, you can decide which buying option is best for you.

What is the Honey Top Pick and how do you choose it? 

We consider seller price, potential coupon savings, and chances to earn cash back, and recommend the lowest effective price after using Honey.

While our recommendation is based on the lowest effective price, there may be other buying options that work better for you.

How is the price With Honey calculated?

Your price With Honey is based on the item’s amount after earning cash back.


Seller Price = $89.99

Cash Back: $15.99

Price With Honey: $74.00

How are potential savings calculated?

Potential savings show the number of active coupons on the store's site.