What is Honey Checkout?

Simply put, it’s an easy way to check out with Honey. Honey Checkout is fast, secure, and powered by PayPal. 

How does it work?

Use the Honey extension like you always do. After we search for coupons and rewards, look for this screen and click h Checkout:

From there, just follow the instructions to check out.

Will Honey still search for coupons and rewards?

Short answer: yes! We’ll still look for coupons and rewards on your order and then give you the option to pay with Honey Checkout. And, if you’ve already activated a Gold offer, you’ll be able to earn Gold on your eligible purchases, simple as that.

What will I see on my billing statement when I use Honey Checkout?

Your order will appear on your statement just like any other PayPal transaction. Since Honey uses PayPal to process your payment, look for a charge from “PP*Merchant” in the transaction history of your billing statement. 

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