Whitelisting Honey for ad blockers

Honey Gold is our way of giving back to our members. However, certain ad blockers can prevent you from earning your rewards.

To make sure you earn your Honey Gold, we need to validate your purchase by communicating with the store where you made your transaction. Certain ad blocker settings prevent us from doing so.

Not to worry! Here’s how you can adjust your settings. If you have AdBlock, Adblock Plus, or uBlock Origin, click here to add Honey to the filter list. Honey will then be “whitelisted” meaning you’ll be able to earn Honey Gold while using your ad blocker.

In some cases, you may still see the Honey Gold ad-block message even after adding the filter mentioned above. If so, you can disable your ad blocker when you shop and re-enable it once you’re done.

More questions? Let us know at yourfriends@joinhoney.com and we’ll be glad to help.

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