What the heck is this HoneyGold thing?

Good question! If we earn a commission when you discover a sale or coupon through Honey, we split that with you in the form of a Cash Bonus. It's our way of saying "Thanks, you're the best!" Because you are. The least we can do is pay you to shop. 😜

The Cash Bonus you receive will be a randomized amount–– anywhere from 1–100% of the commission back from your purchase (although this range can vary from store to store!) May the odds forever be in your favor! 

Here's the deal: 

If a store supports a Cash Bonus, you'll see this icon next to the store name: 

Activate your Cash Bonus simply by clicking the "Find Savings" button or by clicking the "Activate!" button on the exclusive Cash Bonus offers on our offers page. Then, shop as normal! Your Cash Bonus will arrive in your account in the form of HoneyGold. After accumulating G1000, you can redeem your HoneyGold for cash via a $10 Amazon Gift Card. We're in the process of adding more rewards and bonuses so stay tuned ;) 

A word on exclusions: they're the worst but they're out there, up to the sole discretion of the merchant (our hands are tied). After you've activated your Cash Bonus, you can check the exclusions list, found under your projected Cash Bonus percentage. Here's what it looks like: 

Also, you can claim a Cash Bonus and use coupons at the same time, but you can't use multiple cashback programs at the same time. We also recommend disabling ad-block on store check-out pages. 

Good luck! We're rootin' for ya! 

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