How do I know if Honey is working?

To make sure Honey is installed and ready-for-action, make sure you see a small “h” in your toolbar that looks like this:

Honey H.png

If you don’t see that icon make sure to  install the extension!

Have you installed the extension but your button has disappeared? Come right this way and we’ll  get that button back for you.

Once the Honey icon is in your toolbar you can see Honey in action! If you are using Chrome or Firefox, the icon will turn orange when you’re on a site that Honey supports! If you’re on Safari then your icon will remain grey but, on sites with eligible coupons, you will see a small red box with numbers on the icon (those numbers are the amount of coupons on the site!)

Hold onto your hat because now you’re ready to take Honey on a test drive! 🚗💨 Now you can go to a site that has working codes (we recommend checking out the trending stores on our  Stores page. Go to a site, put something in your cart, go to your cart and voilà! Watch Honey appear to test for codes!

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