Honey says it's been "disabled", what do I do?

So, you ran into this message:

No worries! Here's what's going on--we know there's a whole wide world of savings out there, and sometimes you really want to make sure you're getting the best deal. Even though we're getting you the best deal. But we get it--trust isn't easy in a new relationship. The reason you're getting this message is because you were on another coupon or cashback site, and hey, that's okay! Really. It's fine. We're totally cool with that.

But, if you want to see other coupon or rewards sites, you won't be able to earn Honey Gold with us. Our Honey Gold program works because the merchant you shop from credits us for your purchase, and we share that credit with you! If you're seeing that message, it's because that other site is going to earn credit for your purchase (and might not even share it with you). We're just giving you the heads up that you shouldn't expect a bonus from us.

If you want to re-enable your Gold, that's easy! Just head to our site at  www.joinhoney.com and search for your store! When you get to the store page, you'll see 'shop' and 'activate' buttons--click either one to re-activate Honey on that store:

And just like that, we'll have a fresh start 😘

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