What are Team Deals?

Team Deals allow Honey members to earn bonus Gold rewards when they team up and buy an item. 

Here’s how it works:

When you land on a product that is eligible for Team Deals, Honey will pop up to let you know you can boost your rewards by participating in a Team Deal. Click ‘Turn on Team Deals’ to activate the deal and start a team. 

Buy before time runs out and you’ll score a Gold bonus. (Specific Gold amounts vary based on theTeam Deal item. You’ll see the Gold amount in the Honey pop-up that appears on that item.) Get an extra Gold bonus if one of your teammates buys the same item too -All you need is one extra teammate.

You can then redeem your Gold for store gift cards or cash back (for US). Once you've earned 1,000 Gold points (for US), you can redeem it for an e-gift card from the Redemption Page

Note: Team Deals are currently only available to US Honey members. 

How do I create a Team Deals team?

If you have the Honey extension installed and visit a product page for an item with an active Team Deal, you may see Honey popup with a Team Deal tip. The tip will let you know how much Gold you and your invitees can earn if you ‘Turn on Team Deal.’ Just click the button to activate a Team Deal.

Next, the Team Deal Tip will show you all the ways you can share your Team Deal invitation link. Choose any method to start inviting teammates. 

Make sure you and a teammate purchase before time runs out to secure the extra Gold bonus!

How do I join a TeamDeals team?

You can only join a team by clicking a Team Deal invitation link. These links will be sent to you by a friend or posted on social media (via facebook, twitter, or reddit) by a Honey member who created the Team Deal team. 

Note: For now, you can only join Team Deals from a desktop computer.

When you click a Team Deal link, you’ll be taken to a Honey product page for the item that shows you how much Gold you can get if you join the Team Deal and buy. It will also show on a countdown timer how much time is left before the deal expires.

You can only join a Team Deal team and get the bonus if you join and purchase before the Team Deal expires. If you’ve already got the Honey extension installed, the button should say “Join (name)’s Team.” 

If you don’t have the Honey extension installed on your computer or aren’t logged in, the orange button on the page will prompt you to install the extension to continue.

Once you’ve joined a team, you’ll be prompted to go directly to the merchant’s site to buy the item to earn your Gold rewards. You’ll earn some Gold if you buy before the Team Deal expires and an extra Gold reward if a teammate also buys the Team Deal item.

I was invited to a Team Deal. Can I invite other people to join?

Yes, you can! When the Honey pops up with the Team Deals Tip after you’ve joined a team, just click the 'Invite more friends’ link to see all the ways you can share your team link.

When will Gold from a Team Deal show up in my account?

You should receive an email letting you know about your Team Deals bonus 24-48 hours after the Team Deal ends. At that point, you should see the Gold pending in your Account Overview. Your Gold should appear available as redeemable in your account within 7 days after your purchase.

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If you still have questions about Gold Rewards, just reach out to us.

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