What is the giveaway prize?

The prize will be sent to the verified winners’ accounts with PayPal to help cover the cost of the item droplisted. The prize amount will based upon the value of the selected item at the end of that Weekly Entry Period.

Value of Valid Entry*
Prize Drawing
$0.01 - $25 USD
Fourth Prize Drawing ($25)
$25.01 - $50 USD
Third Prize Drawing ($50)
$50.01 - $100 USD
Second Prize Drawing ($100)
$100.01 - $250 USD
First Prize Drawing ($250)
Over $250
Grand Prize Drawing ($500)

*Note:  The Value of each Valid Entry will be based on the price of the Eligible Item, excluding taxes, shipping & handling, as of the end of the applicable Weekly Entry Period.

How will winners get their prize?

The lucky winners will receive a payment to their account with PayPal to help cover the cost of the item on their Droplist. Winners will receive a PayPal email notification regarding their prize. For winners who have a valid account with PayPal associated with the email address used for their Valid Honey Account, the prize will be transferred directly into their account with PayPal.  

For winners who do not have an account with PayPal don’t worry – we'll provide instructions on how to create an account. For winners that have an account with PayPal linked to a different email than their Honey account, we have you covered – check out instructions here!

Note: Entrants who need to create an account with PayPal or need to add their email addresses will have thirty (30) days to claim their prize. 

See Official Rules.

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