How do I enter the Honey Giftaway?

We made it easy to join the Honey Giftaway. Simply follow these steps to add items to your HoneyHolidays Droplist for a chance to win.

How to enter

1. First, make sure you’re eligible to participate. Check that out here

2. Ready? Great. Add Eligible Items to your “HoneyHolidays” Droplist Collection. Here's how:

i. Shop some of your favorite stores. You can Droplist from hundreds of participating sites. 

ii. When you see an item that you want to add to your HoneyHolidayswishlist, look for the “h” on the right side of your screen.

- Note: If you’re using an older version of Chrome or Safari or Firefox, the “h” may be on the product image.

iii. Click “Add to Droplist” (hint: sometimes you have to scroll down to see it).

iv. Select the discount amount and time you’d like to watch for. If there are multiple options for the item (such as color or size), select which one(s) you’d like us to watch.

v. Select “Add to Droplist” again to save to your Droplist.

vi. This step is important, as it’s your entry into the Honey Giftaway: Click “Add to your Collections or Tag” and select “HoneyHolidays.”

- Note: If you’re using an older version of Chrome or Safari or Firefox, this may be called Tags. If you do not see HoneyHolidays as an option under Collections or Tags, just type it in!

vii. Tip: You can also shop and add items to Droplist on must be signed into your account to do so.

How can I check to make sure I entered?

We’ll send you a confirmation email once you’ve droplisted your first item into the HoneyHolidaysCollection/Tag for your chance to win. If you do not receive an email, you can contact Member Experience at

See Official Rules.

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