Honey Gold Program Details

Honey Gold is rewarded based on the subtotal of eligible items, excluding tax or any additional fees such as shipping.  Some items on a retailer’s site may be excluded from qualifying for Honey Gold points.

If a shopping site is participating in the Honey Gold program, we will generally display the point reward range and/or the percentage reward range which is currently applicable for that shopping site and/or purchase (for example, 1-4% of the subtotal of eligible items). 

Actual reward amounts you’re eligible to receive on a specific purchase are determined by Honey in its sole discretion after completion of the transaction but will fall within the ranges displayed, provided no returns or refunds occur (returns or refunds could impact the point reward ranges available for a specific purchase), and provided all other eligibility requirements and conditions are met as provided for in the Honey Gold Terms & Conditions.  

Honey Gold will appear as pending in your Account Overview, generally within 2-14 days of completing your eligible purchase, although this may vary based on the transaction and retailer. Honey Gold will remain pending for approximately 60 days (although this varies based on retailer and may be more in some instances. Honey Gold which is pending cannot be used or redeemed. If you do return all or part of your purchase or receive a refund on it, the amount of Honey Gold you’re eligible to earn will be reduced accordingly based on the new subtotal of eligible items.  You’ll be able to see in your Account Overview when your Honey Gold is no longer pending and becomes available to redeem.

In the US, 1000 Honey Gold can be redeemed on the Honey site for a $10 gift card at select retailers. So, if your subtotal (excluding tax or any additional fees such as shipping) on eligible items from your purchase on a participating site was $100 USD, and your actual reward percentage for that purchase was 2%, provided no items were returned or refunded, you would be eligible to earn the equivalent of $2 USD in Honey Gold, which would be 200 Honey Gold points.

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