Applying Gift Cards at Checkout

After completing your gift card purchase, the card number and PIN will be displayed on your screen. Simply select “Gift Card” as the payment method on the store’s payment method page and enter the card number and PIN.

Do I also need to enter my credit card information on the merchant’s checkout page?

Nope. You’ll only enter your payment information once to purchase the gift card from Honey. Once the gift card is purchased, use the pay with gift card option at checkout. The store may ask you to enter the gift card number and PIN.

What if a gift card doesn’t work when I apply it on the merchant's checkout?

First, double-check to make sure the gift card number and PIN are entered exactly as it appears on the screen or in the email confirmation you receive from us (just be sure to remove the spaces). If the gift card still isn’t working, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I access my gift card again if I don’t use it?

After buying a gift card, the card number and PIN are presented on the screen. Those same gift card details will also be sent to the email connected to your Honey account. You also can view your gift card purchases through Honey by heading over to your Purchases Page

Do I have to use my gift card right now?

Once you’ve purchased a gift card through Honey, you can use it at any time. Just use the card details provided in your email confirmation when checking out on the merchant’s site.

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