Purchasing Gift Card Deals

Here’s yet another way to save with Honey. Some US and Canadian stores may allow you to buy a gift card at a discounted rate so you can use it to save on your order. If you’re shopping at one of these stores, Honey will pop up and show you an offer for a Gift Card Deal. Follow the prompts to purchase the card and it’ll be instantly generated in the amount of your cart total. You can also browse and buy Gift Card Deals from different stores on the Honey website. 

What will I see on my credit card or PayPal billing statement?

After purchasing a gift card, you’ll see a line on your billing statement that looks something like “HONEYGC*ABCMERCHANT” or "PayPal - Honey Science Corporation".

What payment methods do I use to buy these gift cards? 

You can purchase gift cards using a PayPal account or with most major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I use my Honey Gold to purchase one of these Gift Card Deals?

Currently, you can’t use Honey Gold to purchase a gift card for the Gift Card Deals program. Need a refresher on our Honey Gold rewards program? Click here.

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