Purchasing Gift Card Deals

Here’s yet another way to save with Honey. Some US stores may allow you to buy a gift card at a discounted rate so you can use it to save on your order. If you’re shopping at one of these stores, Honey will pop up and show you an offer for a Gift Card Deal. Follow the prompts to purchase the card and it’ll be instantly generated in the amount of your cart total.

What will I see on my credit card or PayPal billing statement?

After purchasing a gift card, you’ll see a line on your billing statement that looks something like “HONEYGC*ABCMERCHANT”.

What payment methods do I use to buy these gift cards? 

You can purchase gift cards using a PayPal account or with most major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I use my Honey Gold to purchase one of these Gift Card Deals?

Currently, you can’t use Honey Gold to purchase a gift card for the Gift Card Deals program. Need a refresher on our Honey Gold rewards program? Click here.

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