What are Discount Gift Card Offers?

We’re always thinking of new ways to save members more money. Here’s our latest.

Simply put, when you’re on select sites, we instantly create a store gift card for the amount of your order. You buy the gift card from Honey at a discount, then apply it at checkout using the pay with gift card option. Keep in mind that for now, you’ll need to enter the gift card number and PIN.

How are you able to get me a discount?

We partner with merchants to offer discounted store gift cards just for Honey members. We make a certain amount in commissions, but we give most of the savings back to you on your purchase. 

Am I buying the gift card from Honey?

Yes. Think of it this way - You buy the store gift card from us at a discounted price, then you instantly use the gift card to cover your order at checkout. 

Is this different from using Honey to find coupon codes?

Yes, this is a new way to save with Honey. The best part is you’ll be able to stack the savings we find you with coupon codes and additional savings from purchasing with a gift card.

 Is this related to my Honey Gold gift cards?

Nope. These are separate situations. These discounted gift cards are site and order specific and will pop up whenever they’re available. But the good news is in some cases you may earn Honey Gold on your purchase.

Are these discounted gift cards available on the extension or app?

Currently, this offer is only available on the extension.  

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