How does the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant keep my payment info secure?

Your online payment security is incredibly important to us. To ensure we never allow anyone but you (including ourselves!) to access your personal information, we actually never store your card details or send them to the merchant. The Honey app utilizes the Apple Keychain to store your encrypted card info right on your device. When you're ready to check out through Honey, we create a one-time-use virtual card to place your order with each merchant. 
Enable iCloud for Keychain if you'd like to save your payment information across all of your Apple devices.

What happens when I make a purchase through the Honey app?

Honey has partnered with one of the industry’s most trusted payment processors to allow you to shop and check out from multiple stores across the web in a universalized shopping cart.  When you're ready to purchase, the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant will transmit your payment information from the Apple Keychain through our PCI DSS certified gateway directly to our payment processor. This will authorize the payment from your card and return a token to Honey. We will use this unique token to finalize your payment once we are able to verify that your order has been confirmed by the merchant(s).  

We never store your credit card information anywhere outside your own personal device.

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