My Honey button isn't working!


Your button isn't working? That's no good! Let's walk through some pre-troubleshooting steps:

1) Is your button gray? 

- If you’re on Chrome or Firefox, the icon will turn orange when you’re on a site that Honey supports but remain gray on sites that Honey isn't active (ex. Facebook)! If you’re on Safari, your icon will remain grey and - on sites with eligible coupons- you will see a red number on the icon which tells you the number of coupons on the site.

- Does your button remain gray on Honey-supported sites (ex. Macy's)? If so, let us know at

2) Are Best Price DetectionDroplist, or Price History not appearing when you're on Amazon?

- Make sure you're on (unfortunately these features aren't available for yet!)

- Check that you've enabled Amazon Best Deal in your Account Settings

- Let the product page load completely! You might take an additional second for those badges to appear.

If that doesn't help, then get in touch with us at and we'll troubleshoot this with you step-by-step. Please be as descriptive as possible–– tell us what the button is doing now, what it used to do, what browser and operating system you're using, and if it's only acting up on certain sites. 

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