Does Honey work on mobile devices?

The Honey Smart Shopping Assistant is now available for pre-release at the Apple App Store. You can pre-order our free app now. It will be available in February 2019. Search for Honey in the App Store and you’ll find us or download the app directly from the  App Store.
When the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant is available early next year, Apple will automatically download the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app to the device on which you requested the pre-order, as well as your other iOS devices that have automatic downloads enabled. You’ll also receive a notification from Apple that the app is now available. 
Is the  Honey Smart Shopping Assistant Free?
Yes, it's 100% free, even when you pre-order it from the App Store. We will never charge you a fee to use our mobile app.
Does  the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant work the same way as the Honey Browser Extension? 

The Honey extension doesn’t work on mobile devices since most mobile browsers do not allow extensions to run. However, we’ve been hard at work on a mobile app that will incorporate the features you’ve come to love in the Honey extension and more!

Why is it just pre-release right now?

We're still building out all the features we want our users to have to make it a great Honey experience. Since so many people have asked about it, we’ve decided to make it available for pre-order now :)

What about Android Members?

Don't worry! We haven't forgotten about you. We're busy building a mobile app for you soon.

Please reach out to our Member Experience Team if you have any additional questions.

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