My Honey button has disappeared in Firefox!

That crazy fox!

Well, let's get that button back for you! The first thing we need to do is figure out if Honey is still installed in your browser.

  • Go to Tools > Add Ons
  • Scroll through the list of add-ons to see if Honey is listed in there. 
    • If it's not there, it seems like you might have uninstalled the extension, so go to and reinstall.
    • If Honey is in that list, it's now we've got to retrieve that button.

    You can do that by right clicking in the toolbar where your other buttons are (not on a specific button, but just in between if you know what I mean) and select "Customize" from that drop down menu. The orange "h" Honey button will probably be in a group of unused icons, and you can drag it from that group right into the toolbar. Then it should stay there! Here's what that process looks like:

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