My Honey button has disappeared in Chrome!

Woah, that's no good! Let's get that button back for you!

The first step is to check that Honey is installed:

  • In the Chrome menu, go to Windows > Extensions
  • In the Extensions tab, scroll through and look for Honey!
    • If it isn't anywhere in that list, it may not have installed correctly--if that's the case, go directly to to install the extension
    • If it's in the list, make sure the check box to the right is checked to 'enable' it.
  • If Honey is enabled but still isn't showing up in your browser, then click into the Chrome menu that's to the right of your address bar. It's a button with three horizontal lines--when you click it open, you'll see the Honey icon at the top of the menu. Right click on that icon and in the menu that appears, select 'Keep in Toolbar.' That should keep Honey where you want it! Here's what that should look like:

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