What is DropList?

DropList is a new feature from Honey that helps you monitor your favorite items and notifies you when prices get sweet! 🍭

Yes -- that's right, we've made it a lot easier to figure out when you will get the best price on the item you've been eyeing for a while 👀 This feature is only available on Chrome and Amazon at the moment ;) You can see this new 'Add to DropList' button on  Amazon and Honey product detail pages! This badge allows users to tell Honey to watch the price of an item they want for either 30, 60, or 90 days. Honey will watch the price on all droplisted items and will automagically send an email when a price drops more than 5%. We’ll send reminder emails when something is about to expire so you can continue watch your item! :) You can view your droplisted items on your DropList page in your account! :)

Here are step-by-step instructions on how DropList works:

Step 1: Look up an item that you want Honey to have a close eye on.

To add an item to your DropList, you will click on the "Add to DropList" button. A window will pop and you will see that you will have the option to choose a time frame for how long you want Honey to watch this item. The timeframe options you have are 30, 60, and 90 days. 
Step 2: After you selected your desired time frame for Honey to watch an item, you will see this window!

You will  receive an email once the item you've droplisted has gone down 5%. Here you will also have the option to remove an item from your DropList and also view your DropList. 

Step 3: This is what the page will look like if you wanted to take a peek at the items you've droplisted:

This will tell you what the current price is and what the original price was. It will also remind you how many more days Honey will be watching this item. 

Step 4: If you wanted to change your notification settings for DropList, you can update your DropList settings here:

Here you can either enable or disable DropList notification emails. This is always up to your discretion 😉

Step 5: Have some fun! Explore Honey with Amazon and let us help you get the best deal 😉

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